IOTA Contest

Call: JA1BPA
Operator(s): JA1BPA
Station: JG1ZUY

Class: SO(A)12Mixed HP
QTH: Chiba, JAPAN (AS-007
Operating Time (hrs): 12
Radios: SO2R

 Band  CW Qs  CW Mults  Ph Qs  Ph Mults
   40:   55      17        2       1
   20:  187      39      261      32
   15:  182      31      122      24
Total:  424      87      385      57  Total Score = 866,160

Club: University of Tokyo Contest Club


Tough weekend at JG1ZUY with 35 deg C. maximum temperature and 80% 
humidity.  Inside the shack, it was peaking 40+ deg C. with 
transceivers, amplifiers, and PCs emitting heat all the time 
and without air conditioning.

I have never tried to operate full 24 hours for this contest due to 
the heat concerns during the day time.  My strategy was to operate 
the first 9 hours without break, and to save 3 hours for the local 
evening opening (08~11UTC).  However, it turned out that the
propagation on 15mb deteriorated over the course of the day, 
and I did not have "evening opening" at all.

The first hours were great with nice opening on 15mb followed 
by another great opening on 20mb.  The pile-up on CW at the 
beginning was too fierce with everyone zeroed-in and having 
the same tone (typical result of RBN spot when everyone clicks 
on it).  I moved to SSB to handle the pile-up better.  SSB 
pile-ups were more manageable with different voices, 
accents, etc.

Thank you for all the QSOs.  My next contest activity will be 
RDA Contest in August.  In September, I plan to visit K1TTT 
contest station in Massachusetts to participate in their 
Multi-op. activity in WAEDC SSB Contest.

Best 73,

Icko, JA1BPA

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